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(Village of Balthali)

1 thought on “HOME

  1. Dear friends, i stayed several times in the last years at sabinas homestay, altogether about two weeks, and it was always my greatest pleasure to stay there, feel the warm welcome of the whole family and be part of their daily life. The healthy food of the mother cooked on fire is the best. I participated in dancing, singing, cooking, making rituals, and we did some wonderful excursions to rural villages and monasteries like namo buddha. Sabina knows a lot about their culture, history, speaks very good english, and is a wonderful, positive tour guide. After the earthquake she was the one who took care of the whole family and of the nearby poor village, organised tents, provisionary houses, food-she has my full respect for this big work for others. Im sure that all of you will have a wonderful, unique experience at sabinas homestay, all the best yvonne

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